Paul Brennan, certified Aston Patterning® Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Aston® Pilates Practitioner and Massage Therapist is an experienced and highly qualified educator based in Yateley, Hampshire.


Paul has over 25 years of experience in Healthcare, is fully insured and holds a Leisure Industry Honours Degree from Middlesex University. Paul travelled to Nevada USA over a period of 5 years to train as an Aston Patterner® and is currently only one of 5 practitioners in the whole of Europe. He uses this integrated system of movement coaching, hands-on bodywork, exercise and ergonomics to treat and educate individuals and groups.


Paul helps people discover how to move and rest with ease and comfort, improve their athletic performance, self confidence and increase their sense of well-being. Paul teaches in a way that always focuses on The Positive, encouraging his students, clients and patients to concentrate on an optimistic future full of possibilities for body and mind.


Let your adventure start here!






                      CLASSES UPDATE

To keep us all safe and well, as much as possible, the way our classes operate will soon be changing.


Restrictions to numbers allowed in halls and varying hygiene policies mean that I have taken the decision to teach small “bubble” classes of up to six students at my studio in Yateley for the time being.


This allows me to know exactly who has been using the studio and to clean the space after each group.


You will be with the same people for your particular class or classes on the same day or days each week (your own “bubble”) therefore reducing the risk of infection.


My studio has air extraction rather than air conditioning and I will diffuse antibacterial oils during every class. Surfaces will be cleaned after each use.


As before, there will be different options for classes and the online option will be offered to those of you who received this option before, those who wish to continue with online lessons AND will be included in any class package that you choose.


If you are unable to attend your class, the only option to “make-up” will be at the outdoor Toning class on Wednesday mornings (or the online lesson.)


I have consulted with a number of regular students over the past few weeks and I have done my best to create a new system that deals with your health and safety concerns, cost concerns and your personal preferences. I am aware, however, that it will not be possible to please everybody.


I will list the classes available and hope to be able to offer most of you what you want but this may not always be possible.


There will be the ability to add more classes to the timetable if there is sufficient demand.


I will be reviewing the situation regularly with a view to eventually returning to halls. As always, I will consult students before making this change.


The cost for classes will be as follows;


•Online ONLY- £35/month


•1 Class a week (Studio or Outside) and Online- £50/month


•2 Classes a week (Studio or Outside) and Online- £75/month


•3 Classes a week (Studio or Outside) and Online- £90/month


ALL classes must now be paid for by standing order on the first day of every month.


Bank details: Please contact Paul directly for bank details.



I would obviously like all students who wish to attend a class to have a weekly class before I offer students second or third classes.


When booking a class you can book as a group of 6 or as an individual.


Please make sure if you are booking an entire class on behalf of your bubble it is up to you to make sure that the day/time is acceptable to everyone in your bubble.


The classes will be offered from 9am on Tuesday 8th September and you can apply by WhatsApp, text or email.


There will be 3 types of classes offered,


Matwork, Toning and Outdoor Walk & Tone.


Please note that your teacher may be subject to change.


We aim to start with the following classes;






0930 Matwork. Carole


1045 Matwork. Paul


1200 Matwork. Paul


1330 Matwork. Paul


1815 Matwork. Paul


1930 Matwork. Paul






0930 Toning. Carole


1045 Toning. Paul


1200 Matwork. Paul






0930 Matwork. Paul


1100 Outdoor Toning. Paul


1800 Matwork. Paul


1915 Matwork. Paul






1045 Toning. Carole


1200 Matwork. Carole


1800 Matwork. Carole


1915 Matwork. Paul






0930 Toning. Paul


1045 Toning. Paul


Please make sure that you read the above carefully.

My telephone number for text or Whatsapp is 07973541351.

Contact me if you have any questions.

Many many thanks for your continued support. Paul.