ASTON PILATES CLASSES are suitable for all abilities and complete beginners are welcome. The classes involve a range of exercises designed to focus on mobility, flexibility, toning and strengthening, loosening and releasing, relaxation and breath work.


Due to the nature of the lessons, each class allows the individual to concentrate on their own objectives at a level they feel comfortable with. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, students are nurtured and encouraged by a professional, considerate teacher.


ASTON TONING CLASSES involve the cardiovascular aspect of fitness not covered by the matwork classes. Students are shown how to tone their whole body with every movement - it's like 3 hours of exercise packed into an hour!


Many of the aspects of the matwork classes are present in the toning classes and they complement each other perfectly. Hand weights can be used to increase the effectiveness of the exercises. Each movement we make is supported by strong foundations.


Fleet and Church Crookham Classes


These classes are paid for by monthly standing order. Decide which class or classes you would like to attend and email [email protected]



Monday      9.45am- Carole: Aston Pilates. Elvetham Heath.


                      11.15am- Paul: Aston Pilates. Kings Road.


Tuesday       11am- Paul: Aston Toning. Elvetham Heath.


                      12noon- Paul: Aston Pilates. Elvetham Heath.


Wednesday  9.30am- Paul: Aston Pilates. Elvetham Heath.


                       7.00pm- Paul: Aston Pilates. Church Crookham.


Thursday      11am- Carole: Aston Toning. Elvetham Heath.


                       12noon- Carole: Aston Pilates. Elvetham Heath.


Friday           10.30am- Paul: Aston Toning. Church Crookham.



Prices           1 Class per week costs £35 per month


                      2 Classes per week costs £57.50 per month


                      3 Classes per week costs £70 per month


                      Unlimited Classes costs £90  per month


Yateley Classes



Monday        12:30pm- Paul: Aston Pilates. St. Swithun's. 8 week course.


                       7:30pm- Paul: Aston Pilates. St. Swithun's. 10 week course.


Thursday     6.15pm- Carole: Aston Pilates. The Tythings. 10 week course.


                       7:30pm- Paul: Aston Pilates. St. Swithun's, Yateley. 10 week course.


Prices          8 week course costs £60


                     10 week course costs £75


Terms & Conditions



1- If you miss a class due to illness/holiday etc. we will allow you to "make up" by attending one of the other lessons when there are spaces in a class. This will be operated on a first come first served basis. Please note that the ability to "make up" classes is ONLY available to students with a current membership.

2- Payment should be made by standing order on the first day of the month. Yateley classes are paid for by cheque or bank transfer two weeks before the start of a new course. This allows you to attend a specific class on a particular day and time. If we have to cancel your class you will be given a credit for another class. Details of how to pay will be sent to you with your confirmation email.  

3- Your place on a class will not be guaranteed until you have received a confirmation email.

4- A notice period of one month is required to cancel your membership.

5- Your place in a class is non transferable.

6- Students should provide their own mat, wedge and weights. We will provide a limited number of the above on a first come first served basis.

7- Students should complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire.

8- If after starting your membership, you are unable to attend for medical  reasons or your medical circumstances change please notify us as soon as possible.

9- Refunds are not available.

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