Paul Brennan, certified Aston Patterning® Practitioner, Personal Trainer, Aston® Pilates Practitioner and Massage Therapist is an experienced and highly qualified educator based in Yateley, Hampshire.


Paul has over 25 years of experience in Healthcare, is fully insured and holds a Leisure Industry Honours Degree from Middlesex University. Paul travelled to Nevada USA over a period of 5 years to train as an Aston Patterner® and is currently only one of 5 practitioners in the whole of Europe. He uses this integrated system of movement coaching, hands-on bodywork, exercise and ergonomics to treat and educate individuals and groups.


Paul helps people discover how to move and rest with ease and comfort, improve their athletic performance, self confidence and increase their sense of well-being. Paul teaches in a way that always focuses on The Positive, encouraging his students, clients and patients to concentrate on an optimistic future full of possibilities for body and mind.


Let your adventure start here!





                       IMPORTANT NEWS!

From Wednesday 22nd of July OUTDOOR classes will commence.

We hope to be able to start our indoor lessons in the not too distant future.

In the meantime by attending our outdoor classes you agree to abide by the following rules/criteria;


* Social distancing must be adhered to AT ALL TIMES (a minimum of 2 metres between individuals.)


* No shared equipment. No borrowing equipment.


* No congregating in groups before or after the class.


* Initially, please only attend classes that you are signed up for.


* You must give your name and contact number at the beginning of every class (to protect us all you must agree to this data being shared with 'track and trace' should the need arise.)


* Do not attend classes if you have flu-like symptoms and REPORT IMMEDIATELY if you develop flu-like symptoms after attending a class.


* You attend classes AT YOUR OWN RISK.


* No toilet/changing facilities are available.


* Masks are optional but not provided.


* Classes will take place RAIN OR SHINE so wear suitable clothing, a hat, and sun protection if appropriate. Matwork classes will involve mat based exercises unless it is wet/windy. In this case the classes will be stretch/mobility/gentle toning lessons primarily on the feet.


* Please check your group WhatsApp messages daily for updated information on times, locations and other class information.



YATELEY CLASSES LOCATION - Red Cross Centre, Monteagle Lane, Yateley GU46 6LU. (Monday at 12.30 & 19.30, Thursday at 18.00 & 19.30)


CHURCH CROOCKHAM CLASSES LOCATION - Fleet GU52 8AQ. (Wednesday at 19.00 & Friday at 10.30)




ALL OTHER FLEET CLASSES LOCATION  - Turners Way, Elvetham Heath, Fleet GU51 1GX (Monday at 10.00 & 11.05, Tuesday 11.00 & 12.00, Wednesday at 09.30, Thursday at 11.00 & 12.00)