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Paul offers Aston Massage which is a non-compressive and virtually painless form of bodywork utilising a gentle “three-dimensional” touch. This releases daily and built up tension from the more superficial to deeper layers of muscle tissue.


Clients are often more involved in the session than in other forms of massage treatment; an Aston massage requires participation and movement from the client as well as the practitioner.


A specialized form of Myofascial release called Myo-Kinetics is also offered. This treatment releases deeply embedded structural holding patterns within the soft tissue network.


In Aston-Patterning®, bodywork is used to make new movement options available; changes in tissues are supported with movement lessons that clarify how a previous pattern of tension was held and help to maintain changes that have been achieved.


Each treatment is tailor-made to suit each person and no two treatments are ever the same.

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