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Luxuriate in the Movement!


Being able to move with ease and comfort is surely a goal that we would all like

to realise for the duration of our lives, but the reality is often different.


Movement education can:


- Loosen and release built-up tension


- Aid the start and continuation of a new, safe exercise programme


- Reduce discomfort, pain, tension and holding


- Aid in toning and weight-training programmes


- Bring us to a resting place where we feel calm and peaceful


- Aid in rehabilitation after injury


- Allow the hands-on bodywork to be integrated through the body and allow for                    

  new paths of action to be realised


- Take simple movements and developed them to more complex movements that                  

   can relate to your sport, work or hobbies


- Coach you on new movement options that will allow you feel free and light and

   move with ease and efficiency


   Movement education involves verbal coaching, hands-on instruction and visual

   demonstrations. Different people learn in different ways and a patient and

   sympathetic teacher is important for optimal results. The techniques used

   allow you to feel the movement of your own body without feeling that

   movement is being imposed upon you.


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