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After injury everybody’s recovery time and recovery process is different.

Injuries such as bone breakages, traumas to joints, muscles and connective tissues and surgeries affect people in different ways. We change the way we move and support our body after injury as a coping mechanism- often to avoid pain and further injury.


As the injury heals we need to encourage new ways of movement to bring the body back to a state of balance and support. The recovery process can involve specific movement coaching, bodywork, ergonomics and fitness training.


Sometimes we see injury and illness as “part of life” and “the ageing process” but Aston Patterning® can show us how good body usage can reduce the risk of injury and increase confidence in our bodies. It can demonstrate how to counteract many of the aspects that we feel are inevitable as part of the ageing process.


Paul has helped many clients through the rehabilitation process including professional athletes, winter sports enthusiasts, those with work-related injuries and hip/knee replacement patients. Paul always focuses on the POSITIVE-

never let anyone tell you you’ll always walk with a limp!

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