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Paul's talent is to drive me to get the most out of my Pilates and toning classes. He has taught me how to identify which exercises work for me or not. No generic class format. You have the option to follow the "leader" or do your own thing depending how you feel that day. The exercises have improved my body shape, flexibility, stamina and given me the tools to be more aware of what my body needs. Paul's enthusiasm for making fitness effective and fun keeps me coming back for more!

B. Suzenaar


I have been both attending Paul’s classes and working with him one on one for 5 years. As well as significant weight loss, my all round health and physical fitness is vastly improved. Over the years I have done many exercise classes in varying locations but never stuck to attending them until I found Aston Toning with Paul. I find Paul’s classes highly motivational, they are literally the stalwart of my week.

EK. Cheshire


Paul offers a unique combination of classes that have helped me achieve body tone, cardiovascular health, core strength and flexibility. As I entered my 40s these were things that I lacked due to the demands of motherhood and a desk-based career in a long-hours office environment that seemed to leave no time for exercise. I was also experiencing chronic pain and had even been told that back surgery was a high probability! Six years on, I'm fitter than I've ever been and feel that I'm still geting stronger. Paul's approach, training, playlist choices and up-to-date knowledge of fitness and nutrition keep me motivated to keep pushing myself to achieve new fitness goals that I previously thought were beyond reach.

Paula Simcoe


I have been coming to both Aston Pilates and Aston Toning classes for over 10 years, since I took early retirement.  Paul is not only the best instructor I have ever had, but is also a very friendly, interesting and generally lovely person with a lot of knowledge relevant to his classes and our wellbeing.

Over the years, I have made many new friends and enjoy the classes for the social side as well as the exercise.  I am certain that my good physical and mental health are down to attending these classes regularly.  Starting the week with Pilates on Monday morning is such an excellent thing to do and has to be the best way to put any stresses behind you.

M. Soden


I enjoy Paul's classes.  They have kept me mobile, and as I have MS this is particularly important for me. Since I started several years ago I have never been bored as the sessions vary.  I would definitely recommend attending the classes.

C. Williams


I have been attending Paul’s classes for 15 years  - although I am getting older, my body and my mind are getting progressively healthier and fitter. Thank you Paul – Thank you so much.

Louise Perrin.


Paul’s classes make my retirement healthier and more mobile, so hopefully have lots of happy years to enjoy. Thank you Paul.

Jenny Jackson.


I have been coming to Paul’s classes for a number of years. I have learnt many ‘movement’ ideas and apply what I have learnt both at home and work doing everyday tasks.  It has also been a great help with other exercise and skiing. Thanks Paul.

Gill Gray.


Paul is an inspirational, dedicated highly knowledgeable teacher.  The classes are always very well structured and Paul provides everyone with motivation and help. I really love these classes.

Ruth Harraway.


My daughter and I have been taught by Paul for 15 years. It is our oasis in the sea  of busy lives. Paul teaches us how to cope  in everyday situations and is a wonderful therapist. Angela Ellett


I started Pilates after having my right hip replaced. It kept me moving whilst waiting for the left one to be replaced. I recovered much more quickly after having the left hip replaced because Pilates had kept me strong and taught me how to move.

Lesley Gildea


Two decades of inspiring transformation which have nurtured my mind and physicality. Daily gratitude for your time and efforts which are always sincere and constant.



Great classes, really enjoyable and motivational.



I suffer from Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Paul’s classes help me to feel stronger and helps me with the pain. The best benefit is the friendly weekly class that helps with my depression and SAD in the winter months.

Anne Hochkins






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