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Aston Patterning® is an integrated approach to healthcare, combining movement education, bodywork (inc. massage), ergonomics and fitness training. The system was developed by Judith Aston, a world renowned pioneer in the fields of movement education and bodywork.


Aston Patterners do not believe that there is an “ideal body type” that we need to achieve or conform to; each person is respected and treated as a unique individual, not just a collection of body parts!


The technique works with the natural asymmetry of the human body to develop 3-dimensional patterns of alignment and movement that feel right for the individual.


Aston Patterning can help a wide range of people, from those looking for relief from acute or chronic pain, to those wishing to improve postural or movement patterns in everyday life or in a specialized field related to their work, sport or hobbies.


The holistic approach makes Aston Patterning a powerful method of treatment that allows the individual to release negative holding in the body and mind, and move forward with comfort, knowledge and confidence.

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