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Fitness & Exercise


Aston Patterning® offers advanced fitness and exercise programmes constructed around each individual’s body type and structure, and takes into consideration their learning style, temperament, movement patterns, psychological patterns, limitations and goals.


The multi-dimensional fitness programme consists of;


Toning/Strength Training- Create your optimal body that allows you to move comfortably and easily as you perform your daily activities or sports. Improve your shape, appearance and develop a healthier relationship between mind and body. This unique system allows you to harness the forces of Gravity and the opposing force of Ground Reaction to tone and lengthen without compressing joints or muscles.


Stretching- Learn to stretch in a way that avoids compressing joints and allows

you to target specific areas without over-stretching.


Loosening- Learn to release tension and holding in your body with gentle movements in a comfortable range. Improve your range of motion as more movement becomes possible around the joints.


Cardiovascular Exercise-  Reduce stress, manage your weight, care for your heart and lungs and lift your mood! Everyone from the beginner to the experienced athlete can benefit from learning to move in a healthier, more efficient manner. This could include walking, running, tennis, aerobics, cycling, swimming, CV machines and team sports.


As well as offering one-to-one sessions, group exercise classes are also offered. Students are still recognised as individuals in group classes and are encouraged to experiment with movement as they maintain alignment and support whilst allowing their body to move co-operatively.

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